In 1788, during the reign of Ferdinand IV Bourbon, Vincenzo Monte decided to
build a manor in Borgo San Vito in the small village of Gioia del Colle. Still
nowadays an ancient rupestrian inscription on the entrance of the family
Colapinto private chapel (consecrated to Santa Sofia) bears witness of this
occurrence. Agriculture and breeding have always been the main activities of
this manor, especially wine growing and vinification, and an entire wing of the
manor was fitted out for this purpose. Until 1970 wine growing and producing
were successfully practised thanks to the care and passion for this activity of two
good friends, Luigi Filippo Colapinto and Leonardo Petrera. But sometimes
care and passion are not enough to go on, so in the first Seventies they broke off
the activity. In 2004, more than thirty years later, the grandson of Luigi Filippo
Colapinto and his namesake, together with the son of Leonardo Petrera, Nicola,
decided to resume wine growing and producing, creating TERRA JOVIA (Terra
Jovia Estate).
The origin of the wine and its species are probably in the Balkans, more than
one thousand years before Christ, when the name Primitivo didnít exist yet. The
story goes that the first selection of Primitivo was made by the priest from Gioia
del Colle Francesco Indellicati (1767- 1831), who in the late Seventeenth
Century found out a early- maturating species of wine that he called Primitivo
and planted in Liponti, near Gioia del Colle. So the Primitivo wine started to be
grown and produced, the same wine you are tasting now, and that from 1987 is a
D.O.C wine (Denominazione di Origine Controllata). We like thinking that
Vincenzo Monte and Francesco Indellicati have tasted the first Primitivo's goblet
We have a single aim, rediscover the Primitivo wine as one of the best wines to
the world. A wine from the unmistakable features, delicate, aromatic, harmonic.
Our company pursues a very simple, but ambitious mission: "THE
TRADITION", to show that the best quality arises from the simplicity. For this...

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